Content interaction system and method - 5 Senses, 4 Senses, 3 Senses

Patent number: 10101804, 10990163, 11009940
Inventor: Chamli Tennakoon


The present disclosure introduces a content interaction system and method that enable users to interact with content using all five human senses: touch, sound, sight, smell, and taste; four senses (sound, sight, taste and smell) and three senses (sound, sight and smell) In one implementation, the content interaction system may consist of multiple devices that can be integrated by the user.


The disclosure relates generally to a system and method for interacting with content using the five human senses: touch, smell, sound, sight and taste in which parts of the content interaction system are integrated into a piece of smart furniture.


Humans possess six distinct senses through which they perceive the environment, including touch sensed by various parts of the body and mind. These six senses encompass: 1. Eyes—for visual perception. 2. Ears—for auditory perception. 3. Nose—for olfactory perception. 4. Mouth—for gustatory perception. 5. Skin—for tactile perception. 6. Mind—as an additional sense organ.

Existing content systems, such as television and movies, typically allow users to experience content through the senses of sight and sound. Some systems may incorporate smell or taste to enhance the content experience. Additionally, there are systems that enable content interaction through the sense of touch, employing technologies like haptic feedback. However, none of the known content systems integrate all five senses into a single device to provide a unified five-sense content experience. Consequently, a technological challenge with existing systems is the lack of integrated content interaction utilizing all five senses. While individual systems exist that allow users to interact with content using different senses, to date, no integrated solution has been achieved due to the non-trivial task of establishing communication between these disparate systems.

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